THAC founder’s started in the 1990ies engaging in post-conflict settings. This enabled learning on how people are dealing, coping and living with violent or traumatizing experiences, stress, life threatening or life altering structures and events. 


By 2015 the International Fellowship on Reconciliation IFOR, represented by it’s Swiss branch supported the founding of THAC. Volunteers supported mini initiatives and mini projects, discussion circles and workshops, helped engaging with experienced partners in international contexts.

intercultural learning

There is a profound knowledge and wisdom built over centuries of exposure to violence and trauma, und how to empower people. It offers profound learning, especially combined with modern knowledge and technology. Exchanges with actors on different continents helped to shape the expertise of THAC.

flow – body, mind and soul

The logo of THAC is registered and stands for Body, Mind and Soul/Spirit. The colors stand for earth and water, hence our planet alive. The fine lines around the square fields symbolize the energy flow that englobe and link the different dimensions, offering holistic recovery.  Memories remain, symbolised with the small square on the botten oft he right side.

Hypnosis is a powerful approach for individuals and groups. It enables people to reach out for inner strength and in overcoming fears and blockages.

stones / minerals

For many years THAC’s founder engages in exploring natural resources as a source of energy. Besides recreation in nature and bonding with other live beings, he discovered stones surprising capacity to protect us (e.g.responding to electro-smog, an asset in this increasingly electricity dependent world).

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