stones / elektro-smog

You have a concern or suffer from issues of unknown origin? We may help you out! Uneasiness is mainly felt by stress, over-reaction, repetitive thoughts, bad nights. But,

  • THAC offers healing and protection stones responding to electro-smog and other energies (G5, etc).
  • THAC advises how you may protect yourself better at home & office and in your electro-car.
  • THAC offers the work-craft for the changes required or provides you with only the required material.

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project design / implementation

You want to realize a project? We support you in doing it! Uneasiness makes you not realizing it. But,

  • THAC has a long program and project experience in international contexts and with multicultural teams.
  • THAC has thematic expertise, solid financial and performance controlling and evaluation knowledge. 
  • THAC has a good international network and value-based coalition. The company’s constitution guarantees social reinvestment of potential benefits.
  • THAC focus is on Diversity and Management.

advise / mediation

You set the goal, we prepare you to reach it. You may be aware of your uneasiness, however things don’t change easily. But,

  • THAC strengthens your abilities to reach out for higher and personal goals.
  • THAC advises on your abilities on how to engage.
  • THAC fosters personal wellbeing and your focus towards positive transformation.

THAC’s focus allows clients to identify personal (or institutional) expectations and goals, resolve blockages and frustrations and focus on targets and flow. Encounters englobe coaching, energy and flow work, and practical advice. 

THAC’s advise allows institutional clients to improve performance. Management and Teamleader will be able to refocus personal motivation and strength, enabling respectful and satisfying relations with staff and clients.

A later follow up setting can be identified specifically upon client’s evaluation and interest.

We also know to celebrate with you when all is accomplished!