THAC founder’s engagement started in the 1990ies with African and Eastern European Partners in post-conflict settings. Key learnings came from partners working on conflict resolution, mediation, trauma treatment, resilience work and from their social capacities. Learning on how people are dealing, coping and living with violent or traumatizing experiences, stress, life threatening or life altering structures and events. It requires holistic and systemic knowledge and management skills to engage successfully in such complex settings.


People with religious, shamanic or scientific expertise and background offer additional learnings. Learnings on how to strengthen resilience, detox and re-engage based on energetic foundations to build inner strength. There is a profound knowledge and wisdom built over centuries of exposure to violence and trauma, knowledge beyond what modern science may want to offer. However, it creates new perspectives combining it with scientific learnings on the matter, e.g. neuroscience and beyond.

body, mind and soul

By 2015 the International Fellowship on Reconciliation IFOR, represented by it’s Swiss branch supported the founding of THAC. Volunteers supported mini initiatives and mini projects, discussion circles and workshops, helped engaging with experienced partners in international contexts (see impressions). The logo of THAC is registered and stands for Body, Mind and Soul/Spirit. The fine lines around the square fields symbolize the energy flow that englobe and link the different dimensions, offering holistic recovery.  Memories remain, symbolised with the small square on the botten oft he right side.


THAC felt ready to start coaching and advise, and to develop an approach for individuals and institutions. We studied the guidelines for responding to “Violence and Health” related topics elaborated in the 2002 / 2014 WHO Reports. 2002 Report here / 2014 Report here. Due to the Covid Pandemic THAC did not start international activites,but searched for entry points to empower people experiencing new fears and frustrations.

stones / minerals

For many years THAC’s founder engages in exploring natural resources as a source of energy, specifically the effect of minerals and stones on human wellbeing. We discovered stones surprising capacity to respond electro-smog, an asset in this increasingly electricity dependent world. Now we focus on the most solid key resource, powerful stones.

We also explore on how to feel good in a challenging world, by refocussing on inner personal strength.