THAC's founder is concerned about the high levels of aggression, violence and trauma in this world.

THAC is committed to helping people and societies that have suffered from traumatic experiences and are exposed to violence.

THAC offers specialized advisory services to potential clients - individuals and institutions - ready to engage in positive change.

THAC's speciality is to transforming clients ideas into feasible and financeable activities.

THAC also engages in shared activities with selected partners.
THAC Programming
THAC aims to promote the prevention of violence, as well as the rehabilitation and social integration of people and societies of all orientations, regardless of religion and origin.
THAC Networking
THAC aims to foster partnerships and networks for the exchange of experience and knowledge, for the dissemination of information, knowledge, expertise, methods and instruments, and for the financing of measures, projects and implementations of activities related to our themes  worldwide.
THAC Advisory Services
THAC aims to work with institutions and individuals who promote the prevention of violence, trauma management, creative and artistic activities as well as the strengthening of resilience and non-violent empowerment, or who can contribute to their dissemination and application by third parties.
THAC is registered in Switzerland. By its constitution it is re-investing returns for activities, not  for profit. See  RegistrationConstitution

THAC Advisory Services

Our vision
THAC seeks to empower individuals and organizations who are concerned about the high levels of aggression, violence and trauma in this world.
Our goal
THAC's goal is to promote for positive impact in its area of concern, by supporting its clients.
Our strategy
THAC fosters sustainable partnerships among actors (clients) and investors beyond the Agenda 2030 - towards our goal to reduce and transform violence significantly worldwide and in the light to support people having experienced traumatic experiences.
Our advisory services
THAC advises on the design and elaboration of clients initiatives and projects, pools know-how and expertise, and creates synergies based on its network and expertise.
Our credo
50% more synergies are possible if work processes are harmonized by experienced and competent project partners towards a common goal.

60% more long-term financing opportunities can be created if financing partners are addressed in a professionalized manner and if a wider investment / support community is targeted.

80% more sustainable effectiveness can be achieved if initiatives and projects are addressed in a holistic way, linked vertically, related to the actual socio-political discourse and put into a realistic time frame.
Collaboration Synergies
Innovative Finance Modelling
Alignement and Timing

THAC Activities

past activities:
THAC was created 2015 and has engaged in the following initiatives:

Initiating and organizing a campaign on Child Soldiers and Trauma with IFOR and Junior Nzita in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and Italy. (School visits, Media presentations, Conferences, Interviews, Books).

Collaboration with SOYDEN on Quraca Nabadda Trauma Healing Programme in various places in Somalia.

Collaboration with THARS Trauma Healing Center in Bujumbura,  Burundi.

Establishing the Swiss Civil Society Platform on Migration and Development (Contributions to GFMD Conferences in Bangladesh, Turkey and Berlin).

Initiating mindfulness trips combined with small income / traditional dhow fishing  in Kilifi, Kenya.

Initiating with Diaspora TV (former African Mirror TV) a  "Open Studio for cultural interaction" fostering events and video Talk Shows on Migration and Trauma in a public space, Switzerland.

Creation of "The Dragon in Me" a Creative Art Performance Project on the impact of Violence, Switzerland.
future activities:
We are in the preparation modus for our goal to prepare for a collective effort to prevent, reduce and transform violence at a larger scale.

We are fully engaged and start being connected to present our strategy timely 20 years after the publishing of the WHO report on violence and health published 2002.

See also the WHO first status report from 2014.


THAC builds a specific interdisciplinary teams that may combine for each undertaking at least 50-100 years of experience.

THAC builds on advisors and resource persons with the following background:

International and development cooperation

Office, staff, project and programme management

Diplomacy and political work

Strategic and operational controlling and evaluation

Planning and implementation of governance, strategy and management processes

Representatives of boards of directors of associations

Networking and Platform Coordination

Audiovisual Media and TV

Medical, Psychology and Healing

THAC Advisors and Ressource persons are internationally connected, interculturally trained and fluent in at least two of the following languages: German, French, English and Spanish.

THAC can equally access a large pool of Advisors with migration background that - besides their professional expertise - advise based on their specific cultural and language skills.
Peter Urs Aeberhard
Peter Urs Aeberhard

THAC Founder and Representative


    Magdalena Urrejola Balçak
    Magdalena Urrejola Balçak

    Senior Advisor for future activities: Advocacy and Governance (Campaign, Programmes)


      Salome Stäuble
      Salome Stäuble

      Senior Advisor for future activites: Innovative Fundrasing and Collaborative Work Methods


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