Skills for not getting lost in troubled times
safety & security: secure your work
monitoring & evaluation: validate your work
healing & flow: foster your creativity

Founder's Statement


We want to think different, queer and opt to unleash unexpected potentials.  This might look weird to you. But we believe in what we do and we are successful in empowering people to gain more excellency in what they do. Empower yourself, sustain your business. Carefully selected expertise can advise you in the following areas:
Hypnosis & Flow
Overcoming burn out, frustrations and regaining flow. Hypnosis can positively influence your life and business. Don't think the unexpected cannot happen. Don't trust only in your emotions and limitations, there might be more to learn. We approach you differently then you do. This is our advantage.
Expertise & Experience
People like to do things the way they know best. But diversity of expertise can sometimes bring unexpected and surprising solutions to complex challenges. We have expertise in monitoring & evaluation, IT, conceptual and strategic approaches, process management for development, safety & security of staff and programs. Surely, we have a different approach to your work. This is our asset.
Coaching & Intuition
Re-think your approach, reflect on your strategy, allow yourself innovations. Coaching can positively foster dynamic thinking in your way of doing things. We have thematic experience in migration and development, conflict and peace. Dealing with political and social tensions in the geography of institutions and on the ground is our daily business. We allow us to think different from the way you do. This is our strength.
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Bollwerk 35 CH-3011 Bern Switzerland
E-mail: Phone: 031 311 1682
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