About THAC

THAC is committed to helping people and communities who have suffered traumatic experiences to better manage their social and economic integration. We use trauma healing tools and  creative arts  to empower people. 

THAC’s vision is to build a coalition of partners and projects to foster trauma healing and creative arts. THAC's network has outreach into work in worn-torn contexts, in NGO's, Government Structures, private or public associations. The nework includes individuals and institutional partners. THAC is run by the founder Peter Urs Aeberhard. It is  a social enterprise, the goal is social, the set-up is non-profit. The aims and set-up is described in the statutes (statutes) and the Foundation Certificate (Urschrift).  Since 2015 THAC is tax exempted (tax exem) for initially 3 years by the county of Bern, where the company is registered (Registration).  
Project Elaboration
Building Network and Expertise


Since 2015 THAC develops projects to help people and communities who suffered from war and conflict and related experiences to better manage their social and economic integration. THAC has built a network and shared experience, and can access expertise from doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, NET and NLP practitioners, artists, dancers and musicians, experts in kinesiology, polarity, somatic experience and hypnosis, shamans and traditional healers. ---> The website is reorganized and a section on projects is under construction.
Peter Urs Aeberhard

Managing Director

- Programm Management, Peace Advisor (since 1991)
- Strategic Controlling and Evaluation (2007-2012)
-Multi-Stakeholder Coordination (since 2013)

- Phil Nat Geography and Economics (1991) here
- Harvard Programm on Refugee Trauma (2016) here
- OMNI (2017) here

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