THAC founder's  approach and methodology are developed to coach people to further engage in personal growth and to steer their institution or projects through positive transformation.
    • THAC's founder is  alarmed by the high level of violence in our world, often resulting from structural and individual attitudes and actions to produce short term benefits.
He is concerned because such actions produce long term negative experiences within individuals and institutions.

THAC offers
  • a viable alternative for clients to engage.
  • face-to-face coaching with full discretion.
  • THAC may also recommend you hand selected specialized experts.
validate client perspective
THAC coaching is one-to-one, direct and person centered. It allows clients to evaluate their personal situation, expectations and targets.
Release personal breaks
THAC coaching allows clients to regress to cause, to address and cope with negative experiences and stress. It also enables them to  overcome personal blockages or felt barriers.
promote personal flow
THAC coaching promotes clients to engage in new experiences. It aims at strengthening resilience and creativity and boosting positive attitude towards life. This allows clients to approach their institution and projects differently.
strengthen performance
THAC coaching aims to empower clients to focus on their institution's and projects best performance.


THAC GmbH is registered in Berne, Switzerland. See  RegistrationConstitution
learning phase
Our first actions were to learn from and build relations with mainly African Partners, benefiting from their expertise in post-conflict settings and with social management in disaster situations. Our aim was to understand how people deal, cope and live with their often violent or traumatizing experiences, stress, life threatening or life altering events or settings. Our following actions were on learning methodologies to cope or to overcome such experiences, to strengthen resilience, detox and re-engage. Our focus was on learning from approaches beyond psychotherapy and pharmaceuticals. We listended (and still do) to traditional healers as well as from modern experts. Aditionally, we engaged in small scale initiatives related to our topics.
next phase
  • Start coaching and advise
  • Develop an approach for individuals and institutions working in  highly competitive or "violent" working or social settings.
  • Study and share findings and approaches responding to "Violence and Health" related topics elaborated in the 2002 / 2014 WHO Reports 2002 Report here 2014 Report here.


During my career I engaged in:
  • post-conflict settings in Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East
  • Government and NGOs
  • Strategic Management Support
  • Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Multi-Stakeholder Coordination
  • Networking and Platform Coordination
  • Audio-visual tools
  • I am a certified Hypnotherapist (OMNI)
  • I am trained in non-violent communication and mediation
peter urs aeberhard
peter urs aeberhard

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