THAC empowers people being satisfied

Life and Satisfaction is our creative source and motivation.

But I am concerned by the high level level of violence in our world. Many people are suffering. One cause, I believe, is our way of life. I think that the world around us defines our life, the way we have to be and how to respond. Our response is often immediate, opting for short – term benefits.

By doing so, we may neglect the deeper meaning and impact of our actions. Sometimes we are reminded and we feel deep irritation, disorientation, frustration, exhaustion. We then try to forget, become passiv, hyperactive, or violent and/or addicted (towards ourself or others). 

Recalling and reflecting on activities and wishes remember us that a deeper truth lies our life and action. A meaningful life is resulting from satisfactory engagement in dialogue, creativity, in overcoming past traumata and in activities and projects that respect or loved ones, the live of others, nature and our planet.

A meaningful life also results from respect towards oneself, one’s health, one’s feelings and emotions, ones past actions. A meaningful life results from understanding who we are, why we are. And this helps us to understand where we are going and how to cope with challenges.

This is why I founded the “trauma healing and creative arts coalition” THAC – it shall over time support activities that helps people to feel good.

THAC means waterfall in Vietnamese. The waterfall is powerful, transformative, releases energy and charges the water with oxygen, the energy of our body and mind. The waterfall also symbolizes transformation.