working with stones

  • Protective stones have a direct influence on electromagnetic waves, they transform, transmit, absorb or shield energy at various wavelength.
  • Electromagnetic waves have a direct influence on our brain-functions. And brain functions have direct influence on our health and well-being.
  • This is why stones are powerful – and why they activate and protect our health.

4 powerful mineral stones

BARIYT (from Germany)

Shields and transforms electromagnetic waves at the wavelength of “electrosmog”.
Barite was named after the Greek word βαρύς [barýs] for heavy because of its relatively high density of 4.5 g/cm3 for a mineral.

The mineral is used to shield from X-Ray exposure in hospitals and industry. The mineral is also used as a alternative healing stone. -> Merkblatt

LABRADORITE (from Madagascar)

Stimulates beauty and creativity with its spectral reflections at visual wavelengths.
Labradorite was named after its place of discovery, the Labrador Peninsula. Characteristic is the colorful iridescence, which is created by rays of light in its interior.

OBSIDIAN (from Mexico)

Obsidian has been traded for millenniums in the Americas with wavelengths activating brain areas, fostering personal transformation.
Obsidian, called “itztli” in the Nahuatl language, has been found at nearly every Mesoamerican archaeological site. Items made from this material had both utilitarian and ritual use. The name derives from the Roman Obsius, who is said to have brought the first obsidian from Ethiopia to Rome in ancient times. Black obsidian is said to be particularly avtive on wavelengths of our emotional brain functions. (e.g. stress, blockages, shock, anxiety).

QUARTZ (from the Alpes)

Quartz is an amplifier, sustaining stable wavelengths of a wide range of electromagnetic frequencies.
The name quartz probably has its origin in the Latin word “quarzum,” the term for rock. Quartz is also used in clock-works. It amplifies brain processes and enables more focus and clarity.

More reading?

Read more or check the internet. You will be surprised on the effectiveness of our 4 stones. We get you the most powerful and beautiful ones from the mines to your home! ->shop