The Trauma Healing and Creative Arts Coalition consist of

  • THAC GmbH, a not-for-profit social company ; tax exempted by the County of Bern ; Switerland. Its purpose is to empower people, it provides services to the association above supportes initiatives with and from Civil Society based partner organizations.
  • “Aeberhard Consulting” for consultancy in the area of Montoring & Evaluation, Conflict Sensitivity & Mediation.
  • An association “THAC for all” (work name) aiming to build a network with the purpose to promote Trauma Healing world wide (under preparation)
  • The “Trauma Recovery Center” and “Trauma & Creative Travel” – Burn out support, Hypnotherapy and Counseling (under preparation)


The Trauma Healing and Creative Arts Coalition and THAC GmbH are located at

Bollwerk 35 – CH-3011 Bern – Switzerland

Contact: / / +41 31 311 1682